About Us

A community initiative to prepare for and reduce our contributions to climate change

River view from Bull Hill.

River view from Bull Hill.

Foundry Dock Park.

Foundry Dock Park.

Our Mission

The Philipstown Climate Smart Task Force is a volunteer community organization whose mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the impacts of climate change by increasing use of renewables while decreasing overall energy use; supporting development of a more sustainable local economy; educating and inspiring community members and businesses to contribute to climate solutions; and conserving our natural resources and wildlife for future generations.


About the New York State Climate Smart Communities Program

Climate Smart Communities is a certification-based program administered by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The purpose of the program is to provide guidance, benchmarks and funding for local communities and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions while also making their cities and towns more resilient to climate change.

Task Force Members

Each of our Task Force members below has completed a biography, climate stories interview and carbon footprint calculation using UC Berkeley’s Cool Climate Calculator that shows their household carbon footprint and their pledged or already taken mitigation actions. Details on each of the mitigation actions can be seen at the above website under the “Take Action” tab by clicking on the arrow next to a listed action (a short description opens up to further explain the action). We hope you learn something valuable from our efforts to walk the walk and are inspired to calculate your own carbon footprint and begin reducing it as well.

Roberto Muller, Cold SPring, CSC Coordinator

Roberto grew up and lives in Cold Spring. He works for the Town of Philipstown as its CSC Coordinator in addition to volunteering to help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere until they drop below what is deemed to be a safe level of 350 ppm CO2-equivalent (we are currently at 407 ppm CO2-equivalent and rising). Roberto’s efforts to reduce his carbon footprint include purchasing carbon offsets for his current emissions, riding a bicycle or metro north trains instead of driving when possible, eating a plant-based diet, using fans instead of AC and purchasing 100% wind-powered electricity through an ESCO.

Peter Callaway, Cold Spring

Peter appreciates the natural beauty of Philipstown, and especially enjoys the Hudson River in winter. Locally, he's seen changes in which plant and bird species appear in the community as effect of climate change.

Erik Brown, Cold Spring

After becoming aware of human-driven climatic changes in his late teens, Erik found himself motivated to learn more about climate change and sustainability. At the same time, Erik was--and still is--coping with feeling of helplessness in the face of such a massive problem. Erik has seen manifestations of climate change in Philipstown and his home town of Charleston, South Carolina and is taking action in his personal life by reducing water usages and growing more of his own food. His full climate story is available here. Erik is a Climate Smart Task Force member.

Ethan timm, cold spring

For Ethan, the Hudson River, the surrounding highlands and the diverse bird species he encounters every day are highlights of living in Philipstown. Ethan’s “a ha” moment on climate change came while he was reading The Long Emergency and watching the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina unfold in real time. Since then, he’s come into an optimistic point of view of the climate challenge and has some advice for the world: “embrace non-state solutions to climate change…including local food networks, walkable communities and non-digital social networks.”

Krystal Ford, Garrison

Krystal Ford is a writer, mother and an activist. She is a trained Climate Reality Leader, the President of Garrison Union Free Sschool PTA, a member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, the Philipstown Garden Club, and Advisory Board member of Constitution Marsh. She has a MA from New York University in Food Studies, with a focus on sustainable agriculture.

Catherine Serreau-Thompson, Continental Village

More Task Force members to follow… :)