Taking Climate Change Personally vol. 2 - November 2018 (Thanksgiving edition!)

Catherine’s second installment brings us new gardening and design guidance, along with some recipes tips for sustainable cooking and eating, just in time for Thanksgiving! Click here to view and download this month’s installment of Taking Climate Change Personally (vol. 2, November 2018), which includes:

  • Renovate…don’t deteriorate. A detailed look at wood as a design and building material—which wood is the most sustainable choice?

  • Cook-tribute. Thanksgiving’s almost here! Tips for choosing a sustainably-raised turkey while watching your wallet, and two delicious meat-free recipes for The Big Meal: scrumptious and colorful brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce.

  • Did you know? In terms of GHG emissions, operating a gas-powered lawn mower for one hour is equivalent to driving a car 200 miles.

Taking Climate Change Personally - vol. 2 - November 2018: click to view and download

Josh Garrett