Taking Climate Change Personally vol. 3 - December 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, Catherine has another dose of useful and thought-provoking info for us! Click here to view and download this month’s installment of Taking Climate Change Personally (vol. 3, December 2018), which includes:

  • Climate-Conscious Gardener. Guest author Janis Butler, a Master Gardener Volunteer at the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Putnam County, lays out many reasons to take a light-touch approach to the late fall “tidying up” of our gardens and yards. Pruning, mowing and leaf-clearing take away many potential advantages your yard can provide to beneficial organisms during the coming winter.

  • Cook-tribute. The European tradition of serving roast goose for Christmas dinner is highly preferable to the American traditional dishes of turkey and ham in terms of climate and sustainability. Read about why and find a delectable recipe for French roast stuffed goose with prunes in armagnac!

  • Did you know? The U.S. department of transportation recently removed several pages about climate change from its website. Head to the Union of Concerned Scientists to learn why the removal is a problem and how it fits into a larger pattern of the federal government’s denial-by-removal approach to valuable climate science and information.

    Taking Climate Change Personally - vol. 2 - November 2018: click to view and download

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