Taking Climate Change Personally, vol. 4 - February 2019

The latest edition of TCCP marks the end of a long, wet Philipstown winter with deep dives into fascinating climate change-related topics and the perfect (and low-emissions) late winter recipe. Click here to view and download this month’s installment of Taking Climate Change Personally (vol. 4, February 2019), which includes:

  • Renovate, Rethink, Recycle! Catherine draws on her interior design expertise to give us a comprehensive review of natural stone as a building material, from its extraction to re-use of old stone.. It’s beautiful and stately, but how sustainable is natural stone? Read on to find out.

  • The rains in Iowa. Ongoing changes to our climate are making impacts on human life that have far-reaching implications. More rainfall in the agricultural region of the U.S. midwest is an example of one such impact: what does it mean for food production, farmers’ livelihoods and water pollution in the Gulf of Mexico? The answers may surprise you.

  • Cook-tribute. What to do with the random assortment of winder fruits and vegetables accumulating in your kitchen? Make a Buddha Bowl (a.k.a. “a big bowl of ‘whatever’”): a healthy, delicious, vegetarian dish with a tiny carbon footprint.

Taking Climate Change Personally vol. 4 - February 2019

Josh Garrett