Taking Climate Change Personally, vol. 5 - April 2019

Spring is a time for rebirth, renovation and fresh, local food—and the latest edition of TCCP has new lessons and advice on all three fronts. Click here to view and download this month’s installment of Taking Climate Change Personally (vol. 5, April 2019), which includes:

  • Renovate, rethink, recycle. Prepping for those spring paint touch-ups? Consider opting for natural paints this time. Read about their benefits and where to find them.

  • The path between farmer and table. You may know that it’s better for the climate and the environment to “eat local,” but what does that mean? Get the answer from an excerpt from Food Routes: Growing Bananas in Iceland and Other Tales from the Logistics of Eating by Robyn Metcalfe.

  • Cook-tribute. What better way to use fresh spring greens than a salad? Enjoy Catherine’s recipe for warm cabbage salad.

Taking Climate Change Personally - vol. 5 - April 2019: click to view and download.

Josh Garrett