The Ins and Outs of Switching to Air Source Heat Pumps for Home Heating

Task Force member and veteran environmentalist Peter Callaway recently took the major emissions-fighting step of converting to heat pumps (#42 on Drawdown’s ranked list of 80 climate change-mitigating actions you can take) to heat and cool his home. As he made his way through the process, Peter meticulously documented all the details and tracked how he made each decision. The results are a comprehensive step-by-step guide to switching your home from oil heat to heat pumps and a Q&A document that’s a great quick reference for the process.

Peter also sat down with fellow Task Force member Erik Brown to record an interview about his experience, complete with additional context and commentary on the process.

As a large share of GHG emissions in Philipstown come from burning heating oil and propane for home heating, a top priority for the Task Force is to educate our friends and neighbors about the climate and economic benefits of making the switch, as well as the generous incentive programs that encourage New York State residents install heat pumps.

For general information on the why and how of switching your home or business from heating oil or propane to electric heat pumps and available financial incentives, visit our Energy Efficiency page. To read/listen to/download Peter’s story, click the links below:
Written Guide_How I Switched to Heat Pumps_Peter Callaway, Philipstown Climate Smart Task Force

Q&A_How I Switched to Heat Pumps_Peter Callaway, Philipstown Climate Smart Task Force

Audio_Peter Callaway & Erik Brown, Philipstown Climate Smart Task Force: How I Switched to Heat Pumps

Josh Garrett