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Climate Action, It Takes  a Community

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Climate Action

It Takes A Community

Climate Action
It takes a Community
What is this?

Residents can now bring ALL food scraps to a Food Scrap Drop-off Site at the Philipstown Recycling Center on Lane Gate Road or at Kemble Ave. in Cold Spring.

We are proudly the first municipality in Putnam County to offer this service!

This program is for more than just backyard composting items: all food scraps are accepted, including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, bread, rice, pasta, raw and cooked food, bones and shells, as well as cut flowers, napkins, paper towels and BPI certified compostable paper plates and utensils.  Collected waste is then brought to a commercial composting facility to be recycled into rich, reusable compost.  No other plastics, stickers, twist ties, food scraps or pet waste are accepted.

How does it work?
What do I need to start?

This program is part of the Town of Philipstown current efforts to recycle waste and reduce our community GHG emissions.

All participants are asked to register at Town Hall or Pop-Up registrations.


The "starter kit" is strongly recommended.  The kits make it easy and are available at the Philipstown Town Hall and Pop-UP registration events for $20/kit


Kits include:

Countertop pail

Storage/Transportation bin

A roll of BPI compostable bags for transportation bins (replacement bags are available)


Participants can register from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm daily at Town Hall.  Pop-Up registrations occur throughout the year.

Questions:  Call 845-265-3329 or write to

Drop-off hours:  Saturday 9am - 3pm @ Lane Gate Recycling Center and Tuesday 9am to Sunset  @ Kemble Avenue (between Boulevard and the Foundry Preserve).

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