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Climate Action

It Takes A Community

Climate Action
It takes a Community

May 1, 2021

Pollinator Garden Project

Climate Smart Philipstown and Hudson Garden Studio have teamed up to put in a 500 square foot pollinator garden at the Philipstown Recreation Center.

Pollinators (birds, butterflies, bees and other insects) are severely threatened.  Some of the reasons for the drastic decline include climate change, widespread application of pesticides and other chemicals on lawns, landscaped plantings and agricultural crops, loss of habitat as more and more natural environments become urban and suburban, and the spread of invasive plants. Consider adding pollinator plants and habitat to your landscape as a part of your climate friendly landscaping practices.

To create the pollinator garden, Hudson Garden Studio designed a planting matrix composed of native grasses, sedges and perennials in the landscape plug size - a small container with deep roots. The design functionally mimics natural plant communities with similar needs for soil, water and light. The plants will then stitch together to create a stable planting that minimizes opportunities for weeds. The plants will provide near continuous bloom which will provide nectar for pollinators.

Here is a list of flowers we've planted

  • Early Summer: Amsonia Hubruchtii, Baptisia alba marcophylla, Pycnanthum muticum, Allium cernuum, Pentsemon digitalis

  • Grasses: Panicum “Shenandoah’, Sporobolus heterolepsis’, Carex pennsylvanica

  • Mid to Late Summer: Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea “mellow yellow’, Aslepias tuberosa, Eupatorium ‘little joe’, Geranium ‘Azure Rush’, Calamintha ‘Blue Cloud’

  • Fall: Aster ‘lady in black’, solidago “Fireworks’,

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